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About Us
The Bihar State has been a worst sufferer in the area of Health and Medical services, specially in the field of Handicapped persons of the state. The services render by the state is very poor and negligible. There is no Rehab Centers in the state run by the state or central governments, which can be mentioned as a state level. A few center has been established by the central government with very poor man power and other resources. So, they are doing a token service on the name of serving the disabled. Some of the voluntary organization are also trying their best but they lack of financial support and other resources, thus, they are lacking behind.

The overall scenarios, in the field of Rehabilitations is much alarming in the state and required immediate concentration on the matter.

In the light of deem scenarios prevailing in the state to rehabilitate the disabled, IIHER has resolved take up the task of rehabilitation of all the disabled of the state as a Mission and christening the project "Mission Rehab - Bihar".

To achieve the goal we have a forum constituted and many professionals in the field of Rehabilitation and eminent persons has been joined hands to carry out the mission.

Contribution of IIHER
Since the inception of the IIHER, in the year of 1990, the institution has been rendering various health services to the suffering humanity in the state specially to rehabilitate the disabled persons through organizing Nos. of Rehab Camp including in the remote rural and slum areas. Thousands of poor and needy persons have been provided aids and appliances (includes calipers, tricycles, wheel chairs, artificial limbs, surgical shoes, crutches, splints, braces, hearing aids, blind sticks and low vision aids. The corrective surgeries have been also done if required prior to providing aids and appliances (calipers, surgical shoes).

The Instituition
Indian Institute of Health Education & Research, Pataliputra (Patna) is the first non governmental organization of the country, which started imparting education and training in the field of rehabilitation. It was established in the year of 1990 after obtaining the prior permission of the state of Bihar, as required under the provisions of Bihar Medical Education (Regulation & Control) Act- 1981. The institution is duly recognized by the Govt. of Bihar and the Rehabilitation Council of India. All the Bachelor degree courses imparted by this institution are affiliated to the Magadh University .

The Institution is imparting education and training in following courses :-
Post Graduate Courses :-
Master of Physiotherapy
Master of Occupational Therapy
Master of Prosthetic & Orthotic*
Master of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology
M.Ed. (Special Education)*
(*The Courses shall be started after approval of RCI)
Under Graduate Courses:-
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology
Bachelor of X-Ray technology.
Bachelor of Bio-Technology
Bachelor of Ophthalmology.
B.Ed. (Special Education).
Diploma Courses :-
Diploma in Physiotherapy
Diploma in Prosthetic & Orthotic
Diploma in X-Ray Technology
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
Diploma in Hospital Management
Diploma in O.T. Technology
Diploma in E.C.G.
D.Ed. (Special Education).

Apex Body

Chairman :-
Dr. Anil Sulabh
Vice - Chairman :-
Prof. Vinod Bhanti
Secretary :-
Dr. A.K. Gupta
Members :-
Prof. A.K. Sah
Dr. J.L. Sah
Dr. M.H. Khan
Dr. Vikash Kr. Singh
Dr. T. Dhenta
Shri. Ambrish Kant
Director, Finance :-
Mr. M.D. Jha ( Ex. R.D., RBI, Bihar & Jharkhand )
Director, Planning :-
Mr. S.N. Singh ( IAS , Rtd. )